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recommend comfortable clothing, Safari Look or Jogger Style. In winter it is necessary to have a coat. And throughout the year, comfortable and closed shoes for your safety; for some days rain boots can be a good option. In summer, the bathing suit will be part of enjoying the creek. And you may find water shoes useful since the creek bed is rocky.


The weather of the Paraná jungle is subtropical without a dry season. So we will have summers with hot days and pleasant nights, springs and autumns with warm days and cool nights, and winters where it can get very cold. Probability of rain throughout the year, as a result of not having a dry season.

Meals / special diets

Our idea is that you enjoy your stay without worrying about anything. So, among other things, the 4 daily meals are included. And special diets are contemplated for both health and religious reasons (we only ask that you inform us at the time of booking) Celiac disease You can rest assured that 95% or more of the food we offer is gluten-free. When you go out for a walk or excursion and you know that you are not going to arrive at lunch time, let us know in advance and you will take your lunch.


If you have prescribed any medication, we recommend you bring the necessary amount for your entire stay, since the pharmacies are in El Soberbio (approximately 20 km) and have business hours.
We have facilities adapted to people with motor disabilities.
Repellent and sunscreen will be your allies.