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Tamanakuna, the jungle glamping, was born when we first arrived at the end of Picada Pereira, and we were surprised by the beauty of the place.

We wanted to share it, but without damaging it.

We wanted to share it, but with the comforts that make us feel good.

And so, we began to dream and make it come true.

Here it is, for you to come and feel what we feel the first time and every time we are there.

Tamanakuna, jungle glamping, is there to participate, to be part of nature, but without damaging it, without modifying it, enjoying without harming the environment…

Domo Glamping

Our name

Tamanakuna, is a Guaraní word that means orchid, one of the characteristics of the Misiones jungle is the great variety (more than 50% of those in Argentina) that grow and live naturally in our jungle.

Domo Glamping

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